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Stuck on an Island

It’s summer time and there will be plenty of folks taking their summer vacations to beach spots. We thought we’d ask a summer question with a twist, and it definitely shows off the crew’s personalities! This week’s crew question was: “If you were stuck on an island and could only bring three things, what would they be?” They have been divided into categories based on their answers.

First, we have the “survivors.” These guys are ready to hunt, fish and fight for their survival. They are prepared for obstacles and challenges. Or, in Greg Morin’s case, he is apparently so confident in his survival skills that he only needs to bring one object with him – who needs three? Check out our survivalists’ answers:


  • Pete Michel (shocks, engineer) – knife, fishing pole, fresh water
  • Ron Malec (car chief) – a saw, torch, gun with a lot of bullets
  • Greg Morin (pit crew coach) – knife
  • Calvin Teague (backup tire changer) – wife, bow & arrow, bottled water
  • Andrew Childers (backup jackman) – my wife, a Leatherman, a lighter

Next, we have the group that “thinks they’re shooting a Kenny Chesney video.” These guys could care less about practical items and are ready to live out songs like “When The Sun Goes Down” and “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems.” We’re not sure how long they’re going to survive on that island, but they are going to have a great time while they last! Check out our party crowd:

Think they’re shooting a Kenny Chesney video:

  • Earl Barban (spotter) – a Brazilian model, my snorkel, a fishing pole
  • Austin Konetski (mechanic) – sunglasses, sunscreen, scoop for making a sandcastle
  • Lance Munksgard (pit crew coach) – TV, beer, cooler
  • Chris Krieg (pit crew coach) – Mountain Dew, radio, steaks
  • Dave Collins (backup tire changer) – sunglasses, hat, hammock
  • Dave Elenz (race engineer) – Lawn chair, umbrella and a float. We could work the rest out from there.
  • Marius Hauser (engineer) – my 3 best friends
  • R.J. Barnette (front tire carrier) – beach chair, sunglasses, and something cold to drink
  • David Mayo (tire changer) – wife, beer, dog

Our next group combines the first two. They want to stay alive for a little while, but they also want to relax and enjoy their time on the island. See below:

Combo of the first two:

  • John Boydston (engine tuner) – food, water, and a comfortable chair
  • Brandon Harder (gasman) – cold beverage, sunglasses, map
  • Matt Tyrrell (backup tire carrier) – my dog, iPad, machete
  • Chad Kohn (backup hauler driver) – wife, son, phone

One of our final categories is for “those that don’t understand the meaning of stranded.” C’mon guys – if you had working boats, you wouldn’t be stuck in the first place! Nevertheless, we like the problem-solving abilities they are showing.

Those that don’t understand the meaning of “stranded” (if their boats worked, they wouldn’t be stranded #smh):

  • TJ Ford (jackman) – iPad, headphones, and a boat! (I’ll be home before dinner)
  • Ryan Patton (tire carrier) – Bible, cell phone, speedboat

Our final “other” category contains one rare bird, who isn’t concerned about survival skills or having a great time. Kyle just wants to focus on his personal hygiene and grooming. He may not make it off the island, but he’s going to be really fresh!

Other (apparently personal hygiene is very important to Kyle):

  • Kyle Bazzel (hauler driver) – toothbrush, toothpaste, razor
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November 15th, 2015
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