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My Dad Likes The Wrong Driver

EIGHT MORE DAYS until Father’s Day, everyone!

Did you know 60% of fathers like a different driver than at least one of their children? Did you ALSO know that 81% of statistics are made up?

But seriously, a divided household is a widespread problem that’s impacting households every weekend between February and November. We know, we know. Your dad is crazy for trying to argue that (enter driver’s name) is better than Jimmie Johnson, but we’re here to help!

Here are some recommendations for how to cope with your dad whose favorite driver is different than yours.

  1. Participate in some good old-fashioned debates over whose driver is better
  2. Secretly put a bumper sticker (or magnet) of YOUR favorite driver on his car and see how long it stays on there
  3. Change his phone or computer wallpaper to YOUR favorite driver without him knowing
  4. Place a friendly wager on the race (whoever loses cooks out for next week’s race)
  5. While he’s in the other room, shout really loud to make him think his driver got a flat tire
  6. Set all of his alarms to your driver’s number (ex. - 5:48 AM)
  7. Give him a “fake” gift for Father’s Day that is the hat of your driver
  8. Play nice and actually cheer with him for his driver on Father’s Day

There you have it, now you’re 100% prepared to deal with your dad and his unfortunate choice of driver. Oh, and when he gets mad about that prank you played on him from #2…you can always have a gift from Lowe’s on-hand to soften him up.

Don’t forget: EIGHT DAYS until the big day.

Featured Product

Jimmie Johnson #48 Kobalt Tools Pit Cap

If your dad is a 48 fan, then this is obviously a perfect gift. If he ISN'T a 48 fan then there's still hope for him, and you can always play a fun prank on him as we mentioned above. At $21.99, this comes in at a very reasonable price for a Father's Day gift!

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Jeff Gordon
Denny Hamlin
Ryan Newman
Jimmie Johnson
Started: 8th
Finished: 1st
November 15th, 2015
2:30 p.m. ET on NBC
Kobalt Hot Pass