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Fuel Up! Pre-Race Meal

We all know that in NASCAR it takes a total team effort to win. As Jimmie said this weekend, “we win as a team, we lose as a team.” A lot of preparation goes into every single race behind-the-scenes, from the mechanics and engineers who work on the car to the pit crews who train hard every day.

This week, we wanted to focus on race preparation, and more specifically, the importance of fueling up for the race at dinner the night before. We asked the Lowe’s Racing team to name their favorite night-before-the-race meal. Here are their responses (protein & carbs are heavily featured):

  • Ron Malec (car chief): Chili’s chicken club tacos
  • Austin Konetski (mechanic): turkey burger and a Pepsi MAX
  • Lance Munksgard (pit crew coach): steak
  • Chris Krieg (pit crew coach): pasta
  • Pete Michel (engineer): Margarita grilled chicken from Chili’s
  • Dave Collins (tire changer): steak & lobster
  • John Boydston (engine tuner): Linguine with white clam sauce
  • Marius Hauser (engineer): fresh catch seafood
  • Greg Morin (pit crew coach): sushi
  • Calvin Teague (tire changer): Italian meal or steak and fries
  • R.J. Barnetter (tire carrier): I love Mexican!
  • Earl Barban (spotter): pizza
  • Matt Tyrrell (tire carrier): chicken nachos
  • TJ Ford (jackman): chicken pasta
  • David Mayo (tire changer): grilled chicken
  • Andrew Childers (backup jackman): The Garlic Garage [traveling catering service that many teams use for at-track meals]
  • Ryan Patton (tire carrier): chicken pasta or steak

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Kevin Harvick
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Jimmie Johnson
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Started: 14th
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Sunday, March 29th
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